How to make Buttered Vegetables


Three methods may be used to butter vegetables.

(a) Most boiled and steamed vegetables when served may be brushed with melted butter.
(b) Vegetables such as French beans, turnips and celeriac may be quickly tossed in melted butter without permitting them to color.

(c) Vegetables of a delicate nature such as cauliflower and baby marrow may be gently cooked in melted butter without coloration. They should be turned whilst cooking with a palette knife or a vegetable slice.

Buttered vegetables must not be confused with vegetables coated with butter carefully melted to avoid separating the constituent fats and sediments known as Beurre Fondu.

Serve in a stainless steel or silver vegetable dish. The size of the dish should be in proportion to the number of portions contained in it. The serving dish should be hot or cold accordingly.

Assessment of the completed dish

(1) The vegetables should appear fresh. They should be of an even size and, where appropriate, neatly cut.

(2) They should be a fresh color depending upon type.

(3) They should be nutty in texture and not overcooked.

(4) They should have a full flavor with a hint of seasoning.

(5) There should be no water in which the vegetables have been cooked in the bottom of the dish.

(6) Those vegetables that have been either tossed in butter or lightly cooked in butter should not appear as though they have been fried.