How to Make Boiled Globe Artichokes

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 25-30 minutes.


— 10 prepared globe artichokes
— 70 grams salt
— 6 liters water
— 2 juice of lemons


(1) Place the artichokes into gently simmering water until they are cooked.

(2) Carefully remove the artichokes with a spider, drain them on a cloth and remove the string and lemon.

(3) Remove the central inner leaves using the fingers, if possible taking them out in one piece.

(4) Remove the choke which is to be found deep inside the vegetable at its base using either a small spoon or the end of a vegetable peeler. Take care when removing the choke not to damage or cut away part of the fond. (The choke may be identified by its fibrous nature.)

(5) Replace the center leaves previously removed. Select those leaves which have the most pleasant appearance and replace them upside down.

To test if cooked remove one of the artichokes by using a spider and pierce the base with the point of a knife. If the knife enters without undue pressure the artichoke is cooked.

Serve on a silver or stainless steel dish on a folded napkin and with a sprig of parsley set into the top of the inserted inner leaf.

Assessment of the completed dish

(1) The vegetable should be hot and cooked to the right degree which is firm.

(2) The outer leaves should be a pleasant green color and should be easily removed using the finger tips when eaten.

(3) The fond should be whitish in color, not brown or black.

(4) The napkin upon which it is served should be clean and the parsley should be clean and a fresh green color.