How to cook exquisite steak

Following is a quick and simple guide to cooking a perfect steak.

You will need a hot pan.

A hot pan

The secret to making your steak perfect is to seer the steak and not boil it.

Season the steak with salt and pepper.


Mop up your steak on both sides and push the seasoning down the meat.

Mopping up

One of the most important part of cooking steak is to take it out of the refrigerator 20 minutes before you start cooking it. A steak that is cold in the center will need overcooking from outside to cook it fully. Steak at room temperature will ensure even cooking all around.

When the pan just starts smoking, put your oil in, pick up your pan and move all the pan around to spread the oil.

Pour oil in pan

And then lay the steak in the pan and then let the pan do the rest of the work.

Always lay the steak away from you as a precaution.

Turn over the steak after about 30 seconds.

Just look at this beautiful color after just 30 seconds of cooking.

Exquisite 30 seconds

Render the layer of fat at the back of the sirloin by pushing it on the pan by its sides.

You can also use the pan to your advantage. Tilt the pan and place the streak to the side and all the hot oil and fat will pool to the side and seer the streak even better.

Rendering fat

Now put some garlic in the pan. The garlic does not need to be peeled, just crush it and put it in the pan, this will give a very nice flavor to the steaks.

Crush Garlic

Turn your steaks every minute, it will give them nice even color and will also cook evenly.

Now add some thyme.


Now add some butter to the pan. This will give the streak a completely different flavor.

Adding butter

Now bake the steaks in butter, you can use a spoon to drip melted butter over the steaks repeatedly.

Baking in butter

Make sure the fried thyme and the garlic are not burning.

Now pick a piece of garlic from the pan and brush it over the steaks.

Brushing garlic

When its cooked to your desired taste, turn off the heat. Put them on a board and let them rest for a while and serve.

Finished steak