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Tree Tutorial Part 2



By: Olli-Pekka Saastamoinen


First we have to make a single leaf. This MUST be done in very low of detail.

Easiest way is to make outlines with splines. Then apply "Edit Mesh".
Now it's a mesh.
Now you can use "Cut" option (Max 2.5 and 3) to make that line in the center
(but you don't have to, no one notices any difference).

Finished leaf.

Again it's wise to apply your texture here. You can use a photograph of a leaf, if you like.
I used Max 3 "Gradient Ramp" material. It gives nice colors.
REMEMBER to put "2 sided" on in the material editor.



Ok. Now make 10 000 clones of that leaf and start placing them on your tree... er...
hmmm... maybe there's better way.


This might work.

Go to particle systems and choose "PCloud" (Particle Cloud).
Particle Formation: Sphere Emitter
Particle Type: Instanced Geometry (Now you can select an object for your particle)

Now that looks stupid.

Roll down to

Rotation and Collosion: (This gives some randomness for the leafs)
Phase: xx *
Variation: xx *

*Pick a number. What looks best.

Now roll back to
Viewport Display: Mesh (if you want to see your leaf mesh on screen instead of particle dots)
Particle Quantity: Be wise with this (More you put here, more your CPU slows down). I used 200-350

Final step is to make some copies of your particle system and place them where it looks good.


All there's left to do is rendering.

Animation tip:
Because those leafs are particles you could easily animate them like wind is blowing and moving the leafs.
Haven't tried it, but it should work.



Another tutorial is coming.
Texturing Landscape

Everyone can do this. After reading this tutorial


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