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Making Blood in 3dsmax - by DINK
Description: In this tutorial i will show you how to make some simple blood in 3dsmax4. 3dsmax experience will help!

Step 1
1--- Go and fetch your line tool as
shown in figure 1. Then under
-creation method- check off
both -smooth- check boxes.
Step 1

Step 2
2--- Now in your top view port.
Make a puddle type circle,
as shown in figure 2.

Then, with your line selected.
Go to your modifiers and do
extrude. i recommend
extruding the line about
about .5 - 2 depending
on the scene.

Now add a little meshsmooth to it!
Step 2

Step 3
3--- Now the most important part
of the whole process is the
material. The material
can make the biggest

You can play around with the
material so u can get it for
your taste! :)
Step 3

Step 4
5--- Now your last step is....


hope this little tutorial helped
you out!

Tutorial was made by - DINK


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