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By Florian Pollak

For this tutorial I assume that you have the basic knowledge of the 3D Studio MAX surface. For this tutorial no plugins are required! I have created the scene with 3D Studio MAX 3.1 but I guess that it works exactly the same way with MAX 2.0 because no special MAX 3 features are used.

After finishing the tutorial the final result should look like this and the barrel is created in only 6 steps.


1) Start MAX and reset it!
2) Create a Cylinder in the top-viewport with the following settings, but use more sides that 18 if you want to make close up pictures.

3) Go to the modify-panel and use the Edit-Mesh modifier to get a result likt the one in the picture below.

4) Now go on with changing the mesh to get the following result.

5) Just a little more to get the following result.

6) Now add a Mesh-Smooth modifier and give the barrel an adequate texture.


7) Have fun!


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