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Detailed tutorial about creating Sky Lightning.
 Lip Sync


Learn how to animate face expressions.
 Rocket Flames

3D Cafe   

This simple tutorial will teach you how to make rocket flames. No plugin is used.
 Water tank

Paul Frary   

This tutorial will teach you how to model a Tank, and water surface, and then animating the water surface.
 Volume Light

Paul Frary   

This tutorial is about the 3D Studio Max tool Volume Light.
 Modeling Shark

Paul Frary   

What I would like to show you are some very simple but extremely helpful new additions to the edit mesh area of MAX. We will go step by step through a method that is great for low poly modeling.
 Simple Water Surface

Pål Vågsæther Karlsen   

Plants and trees can be created with fractal programs, and atmospheric effects, such as rain or fog, has been implemented in most 3D packages. But the one thing that is causing trouble is how to create water. Most solutions imply using ray tracing and ripple/wave effects. But 3D Studio doesn't have RT, so you'll have to find another way.
 Water Surface

Pål Vågsæther Karlsen   

This tutorial can be somewhat compared to a previous tutorial I wrote on how to do water with standard 3D Studio MAX features. This tutorial deals with creating water surfaces in MAX with a ray tracing renderer, such as Ray Studio or RayMAX.
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