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 Smoke Tutorial

Thomas Suurland | http://www.suurland.com/ | thomas@suurland.com  

The following is a very basic tutorial on how to create cigarette smoke using 3D Studio Max.
 Blurprint Setup

Thomas Suurland | http://www.suurland.com/ | thomas@suurland.com  

See picture.
 Wrap in Space

Harald J. Martinsen harmarti@online.no  

As part of one of my animation the first scene will be focusing on empty space, just stars and maybe a planet or a sun. Suddenly there is a opening in the void, a warp in the fabric of space, a tunnel of light where a ship is passing through.
 Palm Tree

Florian Pollak   

This tutorial will guide you how to make a simple Palm tree without using any plugin
 Modeling BMW

Michael C aka Mcmach1  |  http://www.mcmach1.com/   |   mcmach1@ hotmail.com   


I hope you gave my other tutorial "The making of an Audi TT" a try because this is a step up from that and if you pulled the TT off then you can certainly do this. Just takes a bit longer since this is a more complex car.
 Modeling Audi

Michael C aka Mcmach1  |  http://www.mcmach1.com/   |   mcmach1@ hotmail.com   


I hate to admit this as a former box modelling fan but it has to be said that patches have a lot going for them as a modelling technique. They allow you to create very detailed objects.
 Modeling Book


This tutorial will show you a quick and easy way to model a bookpage. The problem in such a case would be how to easily create the appearence of it really having layers of paper. Now, in 3D Studio MAX there is a feature called noise, which will be very helpful in this.
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