Game Liver Farce Recipe

Makes: 800 grams. Cooking time: 5-8 minutes.


— 1 dl fat in which game has been roasted or melted butter or oil
— 200 grams fatty bacon cut into small pieces
— 100 grams sliced onion
— 500 grams game liver with the gall bladder removed.
— 1 sprig thyme
— 1 bay leaf
— salt and pepper


(1) Heat the fat, butter or oil in a frying pan. Add the onions followed by the bacon and fry until both onion and bacon are cooked and light brown in color.

(2) Add the seasoned liver, thyme and bayleaf. Increase the heat and shallow fry very quickly, tossing frequently.

(3) Place onto a stainless steel tray or into a bowl and allow to cool. Do not drain off the surplus fat.

(4) Pass through a fine sieve or mincer. Season to taste and place into a clean basin covered with cling foil. Retain in a refrigerator if not required for immediate use.

(1) If large quantities of game liver are required the total amount may be made up with chicken liver.

(2) Do not overcook the liver.

(3) Remember that the garnish is as important as the bird itself and requires similar careful preparation.

Spread the game farce on the croûtons very slightly dome shaped. To reheat them the croûtons may be gently fried in the same fat as the game was cooked in but care must be taken not to scrape off the farce as they are turned. Alternatively, sprinkle the croûtons with game cooking fat or melted butter and gently heat at the bottom of a salamander grill or in an oven.