French Fried Onions

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 5 minutes. Cooking temperature: 180°C.


— 1 kg onions, peeled and cut into rings approximately 3 mm thick
— ½ liter milk
— 250 grams seasoned flour
— 5 grams salt


(1) Dip the onion rings in milk, drain well and pass through seasoned four. Place the floured rings of onion into a frying basket, shake off surplus four and deep fry.

(2) Once cooked, drain thoroughly on absorbent kitchen paper and lightly season with salt. Serve on a dish paper in a vegetable dish.

To test when cooked
As these vegetables are rather thin they should be cooked when they are a light golden color. However, a more accurate test is to remove the vegetables when coloured, drain and test with finger pressure. If the inside yields then they are cooked.