Fish Deep Fried in Breadcrumbs, Coating Technique

This is fish with a coating of seasoned flour, eggwash and breadcrumbs. There are a number of types of breadcrumbs in common use:
(a) fresh white breadcrumbs;
(b) dried brown breadcrumbs;
(c) purchased breadcrumbs.


— 10 portions fish
— 500 grams seasoned flour
— 6 eggs beaten with a little water (egg wash)
— 500 grams breadcrumbs


(1) Place the flour, eggwash and breadcrumbs in shallow sided separate trays in the order of use.
(2) Pass the fish through the seasoned flour and shake off any surplus.
(3) Pass the fish through eggwash and remove surplus liquid by pulling the fish through the fingers.
(4) Pass the fish through the breadcrumbs removing any surplus crumbs.
(5) Place the breadcrumbed fish onto a table or board lightly sprinkled with breadcrumbs. Lightly bat out with the side of a large knife.
(6) Arrange on a tray and retain in a refrigerator until required.

Scampi and goujons of fish need to be rolled either in the palm of the hand or on a sieve or table. This action has a twofold effect:
(a) to reshape the fish pieces, and
(b) to help the crumbs adhere to the fish during cooking.