Escalopes Of Veal Adrienne

Makes: 10 portions.


— 20 x 75 grams Ingredient Prepared Small Escalopes
— 100 grams butter
— 200 grams cut into prepared red pimento
— 100 grams prepared green pimento small strips
— 1 dl whisky
— 3 dl chicken stock (reduced by two-thirds)
— 4 dl cream
— 12 green peppercorns
— seasoning


(1) Heat the butter in a shallow sided pan. Season the escalopes, place into the pan and shallow fry without coloring.

(2) When cooked, transfer them to a receptacle and keep warm.

(3) Add the strips of red and green pimento and gently cook for 2-3 minutes (do not overcook them).

(4) Drain off the fat, add the whisky and flambé. Add the chicken stock, cream and green peppercorns. Boil and reduce to a light coating consistency.

(5) Season to taste. Serve the escalopes on appropriately sized plates, masked with the sauce.