Deep Fried Chicken A La Kiev

All meats which are to be deep fried need to be coated as a protection against the high temperature of the fat. The coating may be of breadcrumbs or batter and the types of coating and thickness of the meat will determine the temperature of the fat. The aim is to seal the coating to prevent the fat from penetrating the food, but remember that the item must stay in the deep fat fryer long enough to cook thoroughly before the coating becomes too dry and brown.

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 5 minutes. Cooking temperature: 170°C.


— 10 x 120 grams prepared supremes of chicken
— 200 grams parsley butter
— flour, egg and breadcrumb coating
— seasoning
— sprigs of pickled parsley
— 250 grams straw potatoes


(1) Lay the skinned suprême on the work surface with the side that was covered with the skin downwards. Remove the small fillet.

(2) Remove the light silver sinew from the fillet and slightly flatten the fillet.

(3) Make an incision from the wing bone down the length of the suprême, then make lateral cuts each side to form a pocket.

(4) Insert the butter into this pocket and then insert the flattened fillet over the butter but under the flesh of the suprême.

(5) Coat with the flour, eggwash and breadcrumbs (see 7.186); reform into an oval shape.

(6) Place the chicken pieces into a frying basket and immerse them in the hot fat. Fry for the prescribed time until crisp and golden, turning the suprêmes during cooking to ensure even cooking and coloration.

(7) Drain the suprêmes by placing them onto absorbent kitchen paper. Season with salt.

(8) Serve on an oval flat dish, garnish with the straw potatoes and deep fried sprigs of parsley.

(1) The parsley butter may be slightly flavored with garlic.

(2) Pâté may also be used as a filling in place of the butter.

(3) Watercress is sometimes used in place of fried parsley to form the garnish.