Convenience Products: eggs, pasta, rice

Because of their delicate nature eggs are not widely processed into convenience forms. Generally a better result is achieved using fresh products cooked to order. However, hard boiled eggs are available in convenience form as in ready cooked Scotch eggs, shelled hard boiled eggs, pickled eggs and the long egg as found in commercial veal, ham and egg pie. Frozen whole egg (i.e. without the shell) and powdered egg are also available but are mainly used in confectionery and bakery items. Ready-to-reheat omelettes, scrambled and fried eggs both plain and savory may also be purchased.

Very few establishments make ravioli and canneloni products themselves. Ravioli in particular may be purchased freshly made uncooked, whilst canneloni paste ready cooked, rolled and stuffed is also available. These may be used as outlined. Ready-made canneloni squares, dried and packaged, may also be purchased and prepared as described from poaching the paste to stuffing, rolling and completing with various sauces.

Ravioli, canneloni and lasagnes are available as complete frozen dishes, boil-in-the-bag ravioli and tinned canneloni. Spaghetti is available in a variety of convenience forms — boil-in-the-bag, frozen and canned.

Rice dishes, in particular a variety of risottos and pilaffs, are available in boil-in-the-bag form and convenience dried packs, generally in multiples of four portions. The directions of the manufacturers should always be followed.

Finishing touches may be made to all ready prepared convenience products by adding extra garnishes of fresh commodities, seasonings and in most instances sauces.