Consommé Julienne Recipe

Prepare Basic Consommé and add 100 g of mixed julienne of vegetables, approximately 4 cm in length. Note: If the vegetable garnish (especially the celery) floats on the surface of the consommé then in all probability the vegetables are not cooked.

Assessment of the completed dish

(1) The consommé should be hot.
(2) It should be light amber in color.
(3) It should have a high degree of clarity, being almost transparent.
(4) It should be full bodied, meaning that it has a slight viscosity.
(5) It should be full flavoured with a discreet combination of beef, vegetables and herb flavours.
(6) It should be correctly seasoned to bring out the maximum flavour.
(7) There should be no traces of fat on the surface.
(8) The garnish should be evenly cut into strips small enough to fit into the soup spoon.
(9) The ratio of different vegetables should be well balanced with no one single vegetable predominant.
(10) All the vegetables should be cooked to the correct degree.