Chicken Vols-au-vent Recipe

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 20 minutes.


— 10 cooked Vol-au-Vent Cases
— 1 liters Sauce Suprême
— 800 grams Poached Chicken free from skin and bone and cut into 1 cm dice or cut into small pieces on the slant.
— sprigs of picked parsley


(1) Place the chicken into a shallow pan.

(2) Add sufficient sauce to combine, then gently heat to boiling point.

(3) Ensure that the ratio of sauce to chicken is correct. The consistency should be reasonably light but sufficient to coat the chicken. Season to taste.

(4) Serve on a flat oval dish garnished with sprigs of parsley.

Assessment of the completed dish

(1) The vol-au-vent pastry case should be straight-sided, about 8 cm in diameter with an even rise and golden coloration, and overflow with the filling. The lid of pastry taken from the center should be replaced at a slanting angle with a little sprig of picked parsley projecting.

(2) The chicken in the filling should be cut into even sized pieces and consist mainly of white meat from the breast with a smaller amount from the legs.

(3) The sauce should be smooth, ivory white in color with a sheen, and have a chicken flavor.

(4) The vol-au-vent cases should be full, crisp, flaky and shiny, and have a pleasant flavor of the fat used. They should not leave a film of grease around the mouth and lips.