Cannelloni Au Jus Pasta Recipe

Makes: 10 portions.


— 20 pieces cooked Cannelloni pasta
— 200 grams filling
— 50 grams
— ½ liter
— 50 grams


(1) Lay out a clean and adequately sized cloth on a work surface.
(2) Arrange the cooked cold and drained pieces of pasta in rows along the cloth.
(3) Pipe the filling along the leading widest edge of the pasta strips.
(4) Roll up the pasta enclosing the filling.
(5) Butter the dish in which they are to be cooked and place a little sauce in the bottom.
(6) Place the stuffed cannelloni into the dishes with the overlapping part down.
(7) Lightly cover with the hot prepared sauce.
(8) Sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese and melted butter.
(9) Place the prepared dishes onto baking sheets and bake until fully gratinated.

The cloth used may be dry or damp, or lightly sprinkled with semolina.