Braised Steaks with Thick Brown Sauce

Steaks Steaks cut from suitable joints such as topside and thick flank, leg of mutton cut, chuck rib and middle rib should be cut into l cm thick slices. Excess fat, sinew and gristle should be removed.

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: ½ hours. Oven temperature: 180°C.


— 10 x 150 grams steaks for braising
— 2 dl dripping or oil
— 250 grams seasoned flour
— 200 grams carrots roughly cut
— 200 grams onion roughly cut
— 150 grams celery roughly cut
— 75 grams flour
— 50 grams tomato puree
— 2 liters brown stock
— 1 bouquet garni
— seasoning


(1) Heat the dripping in a shallow sided saucepan, preferably a frying pan.

(2) Pass the steaks through seasoned flour and fry until a light golden brown on both sides.

(3) Drain off any fat and transfer the steaks into a shallow sided saucepan or special braising pan.

(4) Fry the vegetables in oil until a light golden color. Drain in a colander and add to the meat.

(5) Add the tomato purée and stock. Bring to the boil, skim and season.

(6) Add the bouquet garni, cover with a lid and braise in the oven until cooked.

(7) Remove the meat and place into a clean saucepan. Remove and discard the roughly cut vegetables and bouquet garni. (This is termed decanting.)

(8) Place the steaks into a clean saucepan.

(9) Strain the sauce into another clean pan, bring to the boil and skim as necessary to remove all traces of fat and grease.

(10) Correct the consistency of the sauce so that it just coats the meat and, if necessary, adjust the color. Season to taste.

(11) Add the sauce to the steaks.

(12) Serve the steaks neatly arranged in an entrée type dish coated with the sauce.