Boiled Mixed Vegetables

This dish consists generally of a mixture of carrots, turnips, peas and French beans in a ratio of one-third carrots to two-thirds of the other vegetables. It may be served as a complete vegetable dish in its own right or it may form part of a garnish for a variety of meat and poultry dishes. It also serves as a basis for an hors d’oeuvre.

When cooking several vegetables which are to be mixed as in this dish they may be cooked together.

(1) The root vegetables may be cut into small dice or macédoine ½cm x ½cm, baton shape or jardinière 2 mm x ½ mm in length, triangles or paysanne 6 mm across; they may also be turned barrel shape 1 cm long x ½ cm, depending upon their use. When served as a vegetable dish they are generally cut into either dice or baton shapes. The French beans are cut into diamond shapes and the peas remain in their natural form.

(2) When served as a separate dish, the vegetables are drained when cooked and served slightly dome shape in a vegetable dish.