Boiled Cauliflower Recipe

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 15-20 minutes.


— 1½ kg prepared cauliflower
— 150 grams salt
— 10 liters boiling water
— 2 juice of lemons


(1) Place the carrots into a shallow sided saucepan and barely cover with cold water. Add the salt, sugar and place knobs of butter on top.

(2) Cover with a lid and allow to boil until almost cooked.

(3) Remove the lid, continue to boil until the liquid has evaporated leaving a syrupy glaze over the carrots.

(4) Lightly toss the carrots to ensure that the vegetables are coated with the glazing liquid.

(1) When cooked, cauliflower should be white in color, the flower part of the vegetable well formed and rather compact and without blemish, and nutty in texture.

(2) Cauliflower that turns yellow during cooking may be due to the hardness of the water in which it was boiled. Hard water has an alkali reaction on a colorless substance in the vegetable known as flavone which turns yellow. In conditions of hard water lemon juice should be added to the salt water when cooking the vegetable.

(3) Place the vegetable into the boiling salt water root end uppermost.

(4) Some cooks cover cauliflower with either a cloth or greaseproof paper during cooking to help keep it submerged in the boiling water.