Blue Trout in Court-bouillon

Makes: 2 portions. Cooking time: 8 minutes.


— 3 liters boiling court-bouillon
— 2 trout (live)
— ½ dl vinegar


(1) Remove the trout from the tank.
(2) Stun by hitting the back of the head with the back of a knife.
(3) Make a small incision in the belly of the fish and take out the gut carefully with the fingers.
(4) Place the trout into a shallow tray or dish containing the vinegar and let it soak for a few moments until the surface turns blue. It is necessary to turn the fish during this operation to ensure complete exposure to the vinegar.
(5) Remove the trout from the vinegar and immediately boil in the hot court-bouillon for approximately 8 minutes.
(6) Serve the trout either in the fish kettle in which it has been poached or on a table napkin, and garnish it with sprigs of freshly picked parsley.

The trout should be handled as little as possible, especially during the preparation stages, as there is a risk of removing the natural outer mucus which, when contact is made with the vinegar, turns blue in color.

This dish is served accompanied by a dish of small barrel-shaped boiled potatoes and a suitable sauce, either Sauce Hollandaise or Beurre Fondu.