Blanquette of Veal with Vegetables and Cream

Makes: 10 portions. Cooking time: 1 hour.


— 1½ kg prepared veal cut into 2½ cm squares
— 2 liters white stock (preferably veal)
— 100 grams carrots
— 75 grams onion
— 100 grams turnips
— 100 grams celery
— 100 grams leeks
— 1 bouquet garni
— 2½ dl cream
— 3 egg yolks
— 10 heart shaped Croûtons
— 5 grams chopped chervil
— seasoning


(1) Proceed as for Blanquette of Lamb cooking with all the vegetables listed above.

(2) Remove and discard the bouquet garni, place the meat into a receptacle and keep warm.

(3) Remove the vegetables, coarsely purée them and return to the cooking liquid.

(4) Reheat, whisking the liaison into the liquid and vegetable purée, until the sauce thickens but do not allow it to boil, then add the meat. Season to taste. Serve the meat neatly arranged on appropriately sized plates with a sauce.

(5) Dip the tips of the heart shaped croûtons in some of the sauce then into the chopped chervil. Garnish the dish and serve.