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The War of Patents - Samsung VS Apple

Apples most humiliating loss to date have been UK tablet design case against Samsung and it warranted one tiny paragraph of a story buried beneath an avalanche of other stories from engadget?
How about:
-relating this result to the many other failures by Apple in Europe and else where.
-pointing out the fact that it takes a court just 10 miles from Apple HQ's, a biased judge formally on Apples payroll, jurors from the area where Apple is considered a god like company, a jury forman who took this personally and admitted to "defending these patents as if they were my own", the same formans completely wrong interpretation of patent law and how he admitted to using his inaccurate views to sway the rest of the jury, the same jury Forman who has been sued by a company that Samsung now owns and that he never disclosed this fact during jury selections.
-add to this:
Missing/withheld evidence that proves Samsung did not copy Apple, a time limit that blatantly favors the accuser and handcuffs the defendant, witnesses not required to testify, evidence ignored or "passed over" by the jury, a rushed decision by said jury as shown by their miscalculations of damages and awarding of damages for devices they said did not infringe. All this required for Apple to win just once!
Could engadget have at least clarified the "not cool enough" comment referenced by stating that those who were there reported that the comment was dripping in sarcasm and it was obviously meant as just another slap to Apples face.

- Apple sues Samsung saying their tablets look too much like an iPad and consumers would be confused
- Court rules that Samsung didn't infringe because their tablets are "not as cool" as Apple's... not sure who is the winner here
- Oh, the court also rules that Apple has to advertise on their site that Samsung did not copy them.
- Apple actually appeals the ruling that Samsung tablets are "not as cool" because they have to in order to also appeal the ruling about advertising Samsung did not copy them
- Apple loses appeal and will still have to basically advertise for Samsung
I don't see how this thing could possibly get any more silly, this is honestly one of the most ridiculous ongoing sagas I have seen in the world of technology.

I read the article in the New York Times on the patent war (see link below) and what apple does is disgusting. They patent for the sake of it. They don't care if they never make the invention and what it does to small start ups is not fair. The patent system in the US is rotten. They bleed you dry through litigation or swallow you up. Read it you will understand that apple is ruthless and uncaring. There are a lot of people who do not like what they are doing but their followers are blind to the truth , in fact brainwashed. Just have a look at this comparison on Samsung and Apple answered on Whatbuddy.

And of course the middle ground is actually true - Samsung should have been penalized in this case too but not harshly, and they should have been penalized in the US case too but not as harshly as they were. Apple should have pushed harder to settle out of court and demanded less because they should have realized going in heavy with their legal attacks made them look like jerks, but Samsung did blatantly make their designs as close to Apple's as they thought they could get away with repeatedly and deliberately. It was never about just patenting a black rectangle, which was what Samsung were hoping everyone would listen to and take away. It was about devices with the same look and feel, with the same icons and the same size and shape peripherals, same box design, similar UI elements and so on. If some of Samsung's stuff came from China it'd count as KIRF, it's so close. And the most bewildering thing is Android fans who clearly love their chosen OS and love choice and freedom more or less demand that no-one buy Apple products yet simultaneously demand that a competitor be allowed to freely sell devices that resemble something they apparently hate as closely as possible. Tech is great. Legal wrangles and fanboys on all sides, not so much.

This is backwards. The Galaxy Tab 10 DOES look just like an iPad from the front, and it's peripherals, namely the charging/syncing cable and connector were identical, so much so, you could easily try to plug one into the other. Yet, none of the Samsung phones actually looks that much like an iPhone in real life, even if so in front photos. I just don't understand it, this judge is completely out of order. Samsung were a trusted supplier to Apple and betrayed the honor that goes with a close business relationship. There is much that Apple do that is wrong or silly, but here, I think they were in the right and I smell an attempt to humiliate Apple rather than do justice. Go into your local computer/electronics store and compare the original Galaxy Tab and it's peripherals to the iPad setup and you'll see what I mean.

Personally, I'll be the first to admit that I do not know enough about the British legal system to understand the ramifications of this decision. It sounds a bit childish to make Apple go to the front of the class and write on the chalk board I m sorry I called Samsung a copycat a thousand times. I would think a more meaningful form of punishment might include, oh I don t know, some sort of MONITARY repercussion? You know like making Apple pay for all of Samsung s legal fees. Isn t that what most grown-ups would do? How embarrassing for Apple. Seems that Apple is spending a ton of cash in court room suing other companies and in the end all they accomplish is that they make other companies look better. At least the companies getting sued are benefitting from it even if they have to pay billions of dollars. They end up with greater sales or they end up with the reputation that their stuff is just as good as or better than Apple. They're getting that exposure they had not gotten yet until Apple turned the spot light on them. "Oh look! Apple just pointed us toward a much better product! And it's a fraction of the cost!"

Let's see if I want to design a touchscreen tablet, I would make it rectangular (as that is the size screens are) I would round the corners so they don't poke you, I would make a bezel that is big enough to hold but not too big to make it large and i would make it as thin and light as possible. This is the way the Kindle Fire looks, Microsoft Surface, the iPad and several others, and it is pretty much the most basic way to design a tablet. If this is called copying then the law that makes it so is idiotic. Good that in the UK they did not agree to this.

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