Step By Step Guide to Building a New PC

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Installing Adapters and Configuration Jumper:

Our 56K modem is k56flex (Rockwell/Lucent) and V.90 compatible, matching the current capabilities of our ISP (always ask your Internet Service Provider which standards they support before buying a modem). The transfer rate of even this fast modem is easily handled by one of our two old style ISA bus slot

Don't wait untill you are about to close the case to put the screws in your adapter cards. A good reason for this is that the act of putting in the screw can cause the card to pivot in the slot, lifting the back section away from the slot finger contacts, preventing the system from seeing the adapter or booting.

Our Intel motherboard comes with one special slot for use with an AGP (Advanced Graphics Port) video adapter, and nothing else. Like the Pentium II and Celeron SECs (Single Edge Connectors), the AGP connector uses two levels of contacts, and thanks to sophisticated pipelining and and bus cycle usage, can transfer data at speeds four times that of the PCI bus.

The AGP slot is located nearest to the CPU and will accept only AGP adapters. Another good reason for screwing the adapter in now is that you'll be less tempted to gamble on putting the screws in with the system turned on once you've successfully booted, a real no-no.

The AGP card, to the left, provides not only a standard VGA port, but also an NTSC and S-Video ports for displaying video. The modem ports are for line (to the wall), phone (out to a handset), speaker and mic, for hands-free operation. The configuration switches for the modem can be accessed without opening the case.

The speed of the Pentium II or Celeron processor is set in CMOS, but to do so, you must first boot the system in "configure" mode. The boot will come directly to the configuration menu supplied by the BIOS, and the settings will be saved, after which you must shut down and return the jumper to normal.


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