Mozilla Firefox - Say goodbye to Internet Explorer Crashes

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For those of you not familiar with Mozilla, this open source project launched back in 1998 by Netscape. The Mozilla portfolio consists of several projects summarized in the side box Mozilla Firefox, a stand alone web browser built using Gecko technology has tabbed browsing, a pop-up blocker, download manager, themes (skins), extensive plug-ins support and integrated Google searching too name a few. You can download versions for all platforms Windows (Except Win 95), *nix and Mac OS X.

For those who want to migrate from IE, Firefox automatically imports all your settings: favorites, forms, passwords, cookies directly the first time you launch it including your home page.

Firefox has a unique way of loading pages with heavy graphics, it first displays all image place holders forming a skeleton and then loads these pictures top- down mimicking the rendering effect used by 3D animation software. In this way you first get to read the html text right away and the images load later. IE on the other hand seems to use a wait, throw-in your-face  approach to show you the loaded page all at once. If need be, Firefox does away with the horizontal and vertical scroll bars if a page doesn't require if, visible when opening Google therefore increasing viewing space.

Bookmarks Toolbar provides a simple one click to your most visited site. All you have to do is highlight the web address (Hotmail/Yahoo Mail etc) and drag it, while pressing down the mouse key to the toolbar to add it.

Until now, IE had been my favorite browser. Being familiar with it, I turned a blind eye to the alternatives. But this is no longer the case; Firefox is simply just better. It's innovative, simple and exploit free (so far). IE is highly vulnerable with flaws and bugs for which Microsoft periodically releases patches. You can uninstall Internet Explorer using tools found on LitePC but be aware that some applications may be using part of the IE engine to function properly! With Firefox there is no turning back, dethroning IE as my default Web browser.


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